Terms and conditions

Delivery Terms :

Please pay by A/C Payee Cheque only in favour of Oxen Infotech.

In case of Cheque Bouncing Rs.500/- and Interest @24% p.a. will be charged till the date of realisation of the payment.

Goods once sold can not be taken back or exchanged.

All disputes subject to Berhampore Jurisdiction.

Warranty of all items are covered by principles or by their authorised service center,we do not have any legal or financial liability for the same .

Warranty will be void physical damage,breakage, electrical overload, burnout, warranty seal & serial no tampered.

Please ask for a money receipt in case any cash payment is made. Failure to do so may result in a discrepancy where our liability ceases.

The components shown under this invoice are in their OEM/Box packing. We havn't loaded any pirated software or change in the hardware.


Customer Declaration:

I have accepted the above mentioned conditions and taken delivery only after verifying the above. I will not hold the company liable for any pirated software found on this computer after it's delivery to me and i shall inemnify the company if it suffers and loss/damage due to any infringement action being initiated as a result of any pirated/infringing material being found on this computer.

Quotation and Estimate

All payments must be made before product delivery.

Of course you should check the validity date of the quotation.

If the brand is not available as per the quotation at the time of delivery, alternative brand should be taken.

We do not charge extra to set them up. But One of our guys will go and set up the set so you have to pay Rs.10 per kilometer from our shop to your place of work. If the job is for a long time then you will have to pay for the food as well.

repair service T&C

Warranty will be void on physically damaged, broken, electrical overload stress/ tract cut items, pin bend on motherboards, mishandled, faulty installation, out of warranty item, burn out, warranty seal and serial number tampered goods.

Any Claim after one month from the date of receipt may not be entertained.

After 24 hours of sale, the replacement of the product (s) under warranty will be done only after getting the replacement from our principal.

Repair will take minimum 45 days subject of availability of spares at principals.

Acceptance and repair/replacement is subject to warranty term and conditions of the manufacturer. Please refer to warranty guide lines of the manufacturer for full details.

Check the contents of the slip before leaving the counter. Keep the slip and produce the same in original at the time of collecting the product.

After receipt of the product(s) during the process of repair, if any damages or mishandling or un-authorized repair attempts of the product is noted, then the same product(s) will be retumed back without repair or replacement.

Terms of warranty varied from product to product date of manufacturing and date of import.

Oxen InfoTech will provide the warranty as per the invoice date of distributor.

If parts are use for repair/replacement, the faulty parts will not be returned back to the customer.

Customer Signature on this form is treated as Acceptance of Terms and Conditions.

Force Majeure: There shall be no liability on "Oxen InfoTech (Oxen Infotech)" In the event of Fire, Flood, War, Civil Riots and act of god that may directly affect performance or discharge of any obligation.

All contracts shall be deemed to have entered in the jurisdiction of Berhampore and the case of any dispute all proceeding, if any, shall be filed and litigated in the Civil Court of Berhampore only.

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